“I couldn’t explain anything about the Olympics or
my entire career without including God.”
-Christa Dietzen

“I’m very excited about what Coach Jenni brings to FCA volleyball. She brings a combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for the Lord! I’ve been very impressed with the way that Jenni runs a gym and how she motivates players to improve and work hard.” Coach Kim Williams

Former Head Coach USC

“Coach Jenni is incredible at bringing out the true grit from her athletes and turning it into a focused, laser sharp skill set. She teaches how to dig deep, to never give in, and to truly be the Lord’s warrior both on and off the court. This foundation is what turned a once good player into now a great one.” Cat Jumper

former 16U athlete

“I could tell from the first time my daughter Abby worked with Coach Jenni that there was more to her volleyball coaching skills than met the eye. She has worked with Coach Jenni on every aspect of volleyball from defense to hitting to serving to reading the court to conditioning. She has never worked so hard and loved it so much! Coach Jenni brought a shy girl who was barely audible on the court to a fun loving, loud player who you can hear all over the gym. She brought a girl who was afraid to hit the ball to a player who can use her power and strength to hit with intensity and accuracy. She helped her with both her physical and mental game. She also passed on some valuable life lessons to Abby. She shared her own personal testimony and some of her ups and downs in life. She helped Abby and many other girls realize that they need to keep God first in their lives. I believe the way Coach Jenni trained her players, loved her players and prayed with her players, helped Abby become both a better player and a stronger Christian. She is not ashamed to share her faith with her teammates. She combines her love of volleyball and her love for Christ ….. just like Coach Jenni!” Joni Garrett

mother of former 15 U athlete

“In Coach Jenni’s advanced clinics the athletes are able to pinpoint certain areas that need work. Although this is done with many coaches out there, there are very few that can do it with the heart felt passion that Coach Jenni does. The way in which Coach Jenni reaches the athletes in such a positive manner is without a doubt a special talent.

Coach Jenni’s clinics are held at a very fast pace and she has the athletes constantly moving and thinking. There is time for correction, but no time for dwelling.

There are many coaches that can run clinics, but very few that will have the attention to detail that Coach Jenni gives. Her clinics are all very thought out and deliberate, and not off the cuff like some of the coaches I see train. She systematically runs each practice to be able to focus on all aspects of the game, and runs drills that cover every position. As a coach, I was able to learn many things from Coach Jenni.

Coach Jenni will be without a doubt one of the best additions to any team. As you can see all of the positive things about coach Jenni is too hard for me to condense in a little paragraph.” Coach Jimmy

former peer coach, former volleyball player with All Armed Force Military Olympic volleyball team

“Training with Coach Jenni gives girls the opportunity to being fully loved and pushed by an amazing coach. She provides constant feedback and helps athletes develop past the point they thought they could. She works on physical training but provides mental and spiritual training as well because that’s just who she is. Athletes grow in all areas training under Coach Jenni!” Katie Zimmerman

All American Wichita State; Assistant Coach University of Lousiana

“In Coach Jenni’s gym you’ll not only get to play volleyball, but you train hard and push yourselves out of your comfort zone. All the while realizing that athletics is for something so much bigger than yourself, it’s a platform where you get to honor God. Athletics and faith go hand in hand, and realizing that you can express your passion for both at the same time is an amazing experience! ” Adrianna Culbert

D1 athlete CSU, former assistant coach USC, assistant University of Northern Colorado

“Coach Jenni Soehn is the best VB clinician that I have ever seen! She trains anywhere from 2-20 players at a time with tons of reps and every player gets a work out and walks always physically and mentally exhausted. She challenges each player to exceed their abilities and mental toughness throughout each session. My daughter (now almost 17) has trained with her for 3 years and she has advanced measurably and noticeably because of Jenni’s clinics. You will not find a more technically proficient and motivating coach/clinician anywhere.” Joan

mother of former 17U athlete

“We had heard about the intense training Jenni does from some of the other girls at the club. We weren’t disappointed one bit. My daughter learned a great deal from Jenni’s “ugly” training. Each time she worked with Jenni her confidence would grow to the point where she knew she would make an impact during tournaments. As a parent it was refreshing to see Jenni take the girls aside after each session and have a prayer session where each girl would open about things bothering them or offer up praise to God about positive things happening in their lives.We are amazed at how Jenni uses her coaching as a platform to make an impact in expanding His kingdom.” Brent Smith

father of former 14 U athlete

“We HIGHLY recommend Coach Jenni! Neither one of my daughters was fortunate enough to have Coach Jenni as a coach, but they went to her clinics and extra trainings that were offered because that is where they got developed the most. As they say in most sports, the only way to get better is by touching the ball, and at one of Coach Jenni’s clinics, players will touch the ball over a thousand times. There’s no standing around, multiple balls are going at the same time. She gives verbal, technical instruction after each touch, and keeps the energy up so the players also develop endurance and stamina. For our youth players, it was like experiencing a college clinic. My girls absolutely loved going to Coach Jenni because it was an upbeat, fast-paced environment they craved.” Carin Burns

mother of 12 U and 16 U volleyball athletes

“I was lucky enough to witness Coach Jenni’s training first hand. I thought that the coaching was extremely high pace and high energy which is something I love in a gym. The enthusiasm that Coach Jenni showed was fed into all the girls and allowed them to get the most out of their training. I definitely think this type of coaching and training would apply to college level athletes!” Francis Harrison

D1 Beach Volleyball player at USC

“When Coach Jenni leads she leads with her whole heart! She leads with grace and teaches Jesus as she coaches. She pours into each athlete with such love and compassion. She is focused on helping each individual athlete reach their fullest potential. She reaches out to each athlete by way of their platform. Is their platform based solely on performance or on other factors such as attitude, effort, determination, teamwork, body language, grit, work ethic, no limitations, etc. Jenni not only pours her heart into athletes but also into other coaches. She walks along side coaches and encourages them and loves them just as she does with her athletes.” Coach Lindsay

former peer coach

“Coach Jenni’s coaching was the best coaching style i’ve ever had . She pushed me when i had nothing left and encouraged me the whole way through. She means a lot to us! We’re so thankful for all the time she put into us and we appreciate it and love her.?” Haley Pack

former 15U athlete

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