Welcome to FCA Volley Academy where our athletes will have the opportunity to train all year long!


For 4th – 9th Grade


The vision of FCA Volley Academy is to equip youth athletes with knowledge of the game, correct technique, confidence, courage, and leadership skills.  We will encourage our athletes to use their “platform” to impact others as they learn how to compete as a great teammate on an organized travel team.

Throughout the year, the athletes will have an opportunity to learn all the aspects of the game through fast paced practices with lots of game-like touches, and endurance, positional, station, and circuit training.

Each session we will meet for Heart to Heart time at the end of practice where we will talk openly about the biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes; things like identity, body image, comparison, shame and control…at the end of the study, we hope our athletes will understand true beauty and how a strong and competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.

Come join the FCA Volley Academy Family!

When: TBA
Cost: $120
Coaches: Rachel Capps



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