“Using Sports to engage, and empower, this generation
to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

Coach Rachel has had the incredible opportunity to partner with 12th Rock Ministry for the past 5 years and launch a volleyball program where volleyball athletes 4th-12th grade from all over New York attend the different clinics and camp trainings.  For the last 5 summers, Coach Rachel has brought her own club athletes with her on these mission trips to help teach and mentor her own athletes how to be junior coaches and lead among their peers.  The greatest joy was watching her own athletes grow in confidence, compassion, and integrity as leaders, while having the opportunity to help with service projects and meet so many other athletes from all over the state.  FCA Volleyball Club is looking forward to partnering with 12th Rock and taking a couple of athletes or a team to New York in the summers to serve the community and help lead out volleyball clinics for younger and older athletes.

Advanced Clinic training in NY with one of Coach Rachel’s former athletes, Quinna White, who had the opportunity to travel for 3 summers with Coach Rachel and partner with 12th Rock Ministries as a junior coach.

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