Operation Christmas

Volunteer Year-round

Partner with Us for the Gospel

God has uniquely gifted you—to further His Kingdom! By serving year-round with Samaritan’s Purse through Operation Christmas Child, you will be a part of proclaiming the Gospel in more than 100 countries around the world. Each shoe box gift can bring Good News and great joy to a child in need and their family.

We need to add that FCA Volleyball Club is looking forward to partnering with Operation Christmas child this coming fall! Each of our teams will have the opportunity to come together and fill shoe boxes for kids all over the world.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

FCA Volleyball club is looking forward to partnering with Cards for Hospitalized Kids organization in hopes that we can bring a smile, love, and possible impact a child for eternity!  We will get together as teams and create cards for kids throughout the season.

We look forward to serving and partnering with several other organizations as we begin to build and grow as a club.

Meet Erin

Erin first received a card and autograph by Lauren Conrad from us while she was undergoing cancer treatment.

Sadly, Erin’s condition worsened. As it unfolded, we sent Erin another card and one for her sister, Lea, with whom Erin was very close. It meant a lot to Erin and her family.

Erin lost her brave battle to cancer in 2012. Her bravery continues to inspire us. We continue to remain in touch with her family.

Meet Mackenzie

In 2011, Mackenzie spent many weeks in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant and then recovering after the transplant. She was missing out on her senior year, her friends and normal life, which was very difficult.

She received multiple cards from us during that time that really impacted her. It even inspired Mackenzie to get involved with us, after she recovered. Mackenzie is now in college, healthy and doing well. She is an inspiration!

Meet Damon

In 2011, Damon was going through cancer treatment. He received multiple cards from us that really brightened his day.

Damon is now in remission from cancer and enjoying being a teenager.

Meet Callie

Callie received a card and autograph from us while she was in the hospital undergoing chemo treatments during the Christmas holiday in 2011. It really brightened Callie’s day.

Callie is now in remission and is enjoying just being a kid. Callie is a true example of the impact that the cards have and she is a true inspiration.

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