“To God be the Glory…”

I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity for my daughter to tryout for FCA. Your club is most stellar in every way!  She said that just the clinic and tryouts alone improved her mechanics making her better.

I wish we would have found out about your club earlier to take part in some of your clinics.  As a parent who has observed the past three years of club volleyball, I was super impressed with your vigorous training.  So, regardless the outcome of her tryout, we appreciate your time and will be praying for FCA coaches, athletes and the overall success with your club to winning more hearts for Jesus.  Keep up the great work! 

I just wanted to say Thanks so much. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s tryouts and I did too! You run a terrific program here.

We are so thankful for the amazing opportunity Saturday for our daughter to try out for FCA Volleyball.  It was wonderful for her to witness coaches that encourage our girls to play to honor God.   Our daughter has stepped out of her comfort zone to co-lead FCA at her high school this year and was very excited about Your club. She wants to be a bigger part of a Christian fellowship and it will be a bonus to get to do it while playing her favorite sport!  

O my goodness, I am so excited!  This is such a HUGE answer to prayer!  I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our hearts are overfilled with joy and gratefulness for this opportunity!

We are so excited about joining the FCA family.  I loved everything I saw on Saturday and the environment you have created for the girls is so energetic, positive and spiritual.   My daughter is ready to work hard! 

I brought my daughter to try-outs Saturday and I was very impressed and she absolutely loved the coaching style. It was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and she felt like she was better after just that one session. Plus your guys personalities and hers are a perfect match. You have a really good thing going! We didn’t have FCA on our radar at all until after the tryout. I’m now planning to bring my 17u daughter on Sat to the makeup.

I cannot thank you enough for considering my daughter for a spot on one of your teams. We loved everything about your program. Thank you for allowing her to come to your tryouts. Our eyes were opened to your amazing program. God has definitely placed you on a platform that will allow you & the other coaches the opportunity to share/show God’s love. Thank you again for being a wonderful example of God’s love & for making us feel welcomed.

Today was awesome, you guys are awesome, the whole atmosphere was awesome. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Coach Rachel, Please be encouraged that you all are doing a great thing! I cannot tell you how impressed we were with the atmosphere and the training. I wonder if it would help to do clinics throughout the year to help get the word out? I had not even heard of it before Sat. and after sat told all our friends how great it was. Keep going!

Praise the Lord for growing this ministry!  As a division I softball player, FCA was a huge part of my life in high school and college.  We are excited for our girls to train, grow, and learn how to incorporate their faith and love for Jesus in another arena in their lives. 

We can’t express how much we appreciate being involved with FCAs ugly training and hope we can continue in the off season.  We will continue to pray for the FCA volleyball team’s growth.  FCA has a phenomenal platform and you can truly see God’s presence in the coaching staff.  I pray God continues to grow your platform.   Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support the growth FCA. Thank you again for pushing our daughter to be a better person on and off the court.  

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