Jesus sparked a movement that multiplied quickly and was sustainable enough that it is still multiplying today. We believe God is “waking up” and uniting the believers in the sports world to live and lead like Jesus.  What if coaches and athletes began to have the same multiplying and sustainable impact that Jesus had?

Coach Rachel is looking forward to finishing the 3Dimensional plus course and receiving her certification in the next couple of months. In order to train at a high level, our coaches will work in conjunction with the FCA core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork and serving, along with the tools of 3Dimensional Coaching so that our training is intentional in reaching the next generation on an even deeper level-All for the glory of God!
3Dimensional Coaching is based on extensive research regarding different coaching philosophies and the cultural influence of coaches in the lives of the people they impact. The FCA Coaches Academy is designed to help coaches explore the biblical truth behind the research-backed concepts of 3Dimensional Coaching. By completing this academy, coaches will become more transformational in the lives of their players by learning to coach in all three dimensions from a faith-based perspective.
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